Cecchetti Program

At this time the Dance Arts Iowa teachers and students are not able to participate in the Cecchetti workshops and exams in Chicago.

DAI is one of three studios in Iowa to offer this universally recognized method of classical ballet training.

This is a method of teaching and learning ballet that provides a sound foundation in which the student not only can imitate a step, they understand how to analyze and break it down, along with the theory and vocabulary that accompanies it. It not only prepares students through a developmentally progressive curriculum, but also offers the opportunity to experience the larger world of dance.

Due to the size of our studio, the Cecchetti method is incorporated into the ballet curriculum.

Students are then invited to participate in workshops and exams in the Chicago area if interested. If a student pursues the Cecchetti exam track they are required to take at least one other ballet class. Extra classes are required for those taking exams.