Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary Ballet, Musical Theatre and Pom & Drill Program



Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary Ballet, Musical Theatre and Pom and Drill are American dance forms.

Usually danced to contemporary music, they help dancers develop a strong sense of rhythm and style.

Jazz is a stylized dance form based on Ballet and modern technique, therefore Ballet training is strongly encouraged. 

Jazz I: This class introduces the basic movement fundamentals and terminology of Jazz dance.  It is intended to enhance a beginning student’s flexibility, strength, body alignment, coordination, and balance through Jazz technique.

Jazz II: This class is a continuation of beginning Jazz, building a foundation of skills necessary for the technique and performance of Jazz dance. It is intended to enhance the continuing student’s flexibility, strength, body alignment, coordination, balance, and personal range of motion through Jazz technique.

Jazz III: This class is a low intermediate technique and performance training in jazz dance. Flexibility, strength, body alignment, and coordination are used as a foundation for more advanced dance artistry, including mobility, musicality, and style.

Jazz IV: This is for the more advanced Jazz student with strong flexibility, strength and coordination. The Jazz teacher must approve a student’s participation at this level.


Tap is a rhythm based movement technique and an important part of the well-rounded dancer’s training. Tap provides a strong sense of musicality, dynamics, and performance quality.

Tap I: This level is intended for dancers ages 7-9 who are interested in adding tap to their repertoire.  Students will learn basic tap steps and begin working on basic combinations of these steps. The class will focus on building a strong base to continue learning more advanced combinations, creating a supportive environment for fellow dancers, learning more complex rhythm variations and a gaining an introductory understanding of the history of tap.

Tap II: This level is intended for dancers ages 10-12 who are interested in expanding their Tap knowledge and skills. Students will continue to review basic steps and use this foundation to master more complex combinations. Students will also be introduced to more advanced steps. 

The class will focus on students’ skill development, musicality, combinations, and Tap history. Class includes several of the main tap styles including Soft Shoe, Broadway, Jazz Tap and Buck and Wing.  Most students in this level should have taken Tap I, please contact the studio if your child is in this age range and new to the program.

Tap III: This level is intended for dancers who are interested in learning an advanced tap curriculum. Emphasis is placed on improving technique through advanced steps and combinations while nurturing students musicality and skill development. The class will build off a combined curriculum of Soft Shoe, Broadway, Jazz Tap and Buck and Wing styles.  Most students in this level should have taken Tap I and II, please contact the studio if your child is  new to the program.

Tap IV: Students will continue at the level of Tap III with more challenge.

Tap V: 2019-20 new Tap IV/V class with more difficult Tap for students at a Tap V level.

NOTE:  The Tap teacher must approve a student’s participation at each level. 

Modern is a more relaxed, free style of dance in which choreographers use emotions and moods to define steps, in contrast to the ballet code of steps.  It has deliberate use of gravity, whereas ballet strives to be light and airy.  Famous Modern dancers include Alvin Ailey, Isadora Duncan, and Martha Graham. Modern Dance is not offered the 2019-2020 year.

Pom & Drill I & II ( also called Pom I & II) classes develop skills for students interested in pursuing school dance teams or just to have fun! Incorporating skills of balance, strength and flexibility is necessary for all dance forms. Pom I offers basic technical fundamentals for Pom and Drill. Participation at a I or II level determined by dance teacher.

Hip Hop I & II: Students must have some level of dance experience to participate in this  free-form of American street dancing.  Students must be age 9 and older for Hip Hop I and experienced Hip Hop students age middle school and older.

Contemporary I and II:  Contemporary Ballet is a discipline of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. Students must be enrolled in Ballet III, Ballet IV or Ballet V as a prerequisite for Contemporary Ballet.

Musical Theatre I and II: Musical Theatre dance is less a particular style of dance but description of the movement incorporated in the particular Broadway Musical, for example. Musical Theatre dancers rely on their experience with Jazz, Tap and Ballet to focus on their acting and musical interpretation.

Class Schedule 2019-20
Jazz ITuesday 4:30-5:15
Jazz IITuesday 5:15 -6:00
Jazz IIIThursday 5:00-6:00
Jazz IVThursday 6:45 – 7:45
Pom & Drill IMonday 5:00-5:45
Pom & Drill IIMonday 7:30-8:30
Hip Hop ITuesday 6:15-7:15
Hip Hop IIMonday 6:30-7:30
Tap IThursday 6:00-6:45
Tap IIMonday 5:45-6:30
Tap IIIMonday 6:30-7:15

Tap IV/V


Tuesday 5:30-6:30


Contemporary Ballet IIWednesday 7:30-8:30

Musical Theatre I

Musical Theatre II

Wednesday 5:30-6:30

Wednesday 6:30-7:30