Attire / Etiquette

Classroom Attire

NOTE: All Required Dancewear is available for purchase in our studio Dance Boutique through a reputable dance wear company. You may order your dance attire by contacting Trude Elliott.  You are not required to purchase your dance wear with Dance Arts Iowa.

Leotard, tights and Ballet shoes are the required uniform for the Ballet /Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement. Leotard, jazz pants, and Jazz/Tap/Irish Step shoes are required for the Irish /Jazz / Pom & Drill and Tap classroom.
We ask that students arrive and depart from DAI wearing a skirt or pants over their leotard and tights.

This is a matter of etiquette and demonstrates respect for the art of dance.

In all levels hair must be pulled back and pinned securely away from the dancer’s face and neck – preferably in a bun (if hair is to short, it must be worn up and off the face). Hanging or loose hair interferes with a dancer’s ability to hold his/her head properly during specific exercises. Older students in Ballet classes serve as appropriate examples. Parents, please help prepare your child for dance class by properly securing your dancers hair for class or send the necessary ponytail holder, clips, or barrette with your child on class day.

Attire for Male Students
Required attire for male students is a white T-shirt, black tights or dance pants and black Ballet shoes.

Required Class Attire
Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet/Tap, Pink tank leotard, Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Shoes. No Ballet Skirts unless sewn as a part of the leotard.

Ballet I, Ballet I/II, Ballet II, Ballet III, Ballet IV, and Ballet V and Contemporary Ballet  – Black tank leotard, Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Shoes. No Ballet Skirts

Irish /Jazz/Tap/Pom & Drill Black tank leotard, black Jazz pants, and black Jazz, Irish Step or Tap shoes.

Students will not be allowed to participate in class unless they are wearing the proper shoes. Bare feet and stocking feet are not acceptable and students will be asked to observe the class.  If shoes are on order and have not arrived then the student will be allowed to participate in class without the proper shoes – ONLY EXCEPTION!

Hip Hop students are asked to wear clean, dry tennis shoes and may only dance in Studios A and C.

Class Room Etiquette

Be prompt to class.
Any student who arrives in class more than 10 minutes after the class has started will be asked to observe that class.

Be dressed properly for class. No cut-off tights, big t-shirts/warm-up pants.
Hair must be properly secured away from face and neck.
Watches, necklaces and bracelets must be removed before entering the classroom
(small earrings are acceptable).

Students are encouraged to place their street clothes in the yellow lockers in the hallway. 

Be attentive and respectful in class

Leave gum, food and drink outside the classroom
Water bottles are acceptable and encouraged in the dance studio

Use restroom before entering class

Show respect for classroom equipment
Classroom equipment includes barres, mirrors and any props and costumes. Please pick up all wrappers, empty bottles/cans left in waiting area.

Parents pick up your dancers promptly after class
We will keep your young child in the classroom.
Parents please regularly check your email for communications from Dance Arts Iowa. Also, this  website danceartsiowa.com will be continually updated during the school year. You may contact Dance Arts Iowa staff through email danceartsiowa@gmail.com. Please notify Trude Elliott if you do not have an email address.

Bring a dance bag for your dance shoes. Please write your dancer’s name on all shoes and bags.